Brockman 001 Bettles brothers, around 1910, San Francisco. From left: Alex Bettles, A.J. Bettles, and Gordon Bettles.
Brockman 002 Gordon Bettles wearing his Masons Fez, during the 1950s. In the early 1950s, Gordon Bettles and his wife, Billie, moved onto the abandoned T&T Ranch in the Amargosa Farm Area, Nye County, Nevada. Bettles was the first occupant of the Farm Area since the closure of the T&T Railroad years before.
Brockman 003 The daughters of Gordon Bettles, pictured in 1935. Edith Bettles Bockman was born June 9, 1916 and Helen Bettles was born June 7, 1917 in Mina Nevada. Their mother was Edith Thirsting Peterson.
Brockman 004 Looking east toward Beatty, Nevada, about 1978. Land is being cleared for the Alta Vista Trailer Park.
Brockman 005 After Gordon Bettles moved to the Amargosa Valley, his daughter Edith and her husband, Frank Brockman, moved to Beatty, Nevada, in the late 1950s, purchased land where T&T Railroad engines once had been serviced, and constructed the Desert Inn Motel. This picture was taken shortly after the motel began operating.
Brockman 006 Edith Brockman, daughter of Amargosa Valley pioneer Gordon Bettles, and her husband, Frank, constructed the Desert Inn Motel in Beatty, Nevada, in the late 1950s. Beatty Mountain sits in the background.
Brockman 007 Frank Brockman, a Beatty resident, is pictured in the early 1960s with a Beatty burro in Reno, Nevada, to publicize the Beatty Burro Races.
Brockman 008 Frank Brockman speaking at a meeting concerning the Beatty Burro Races, early 1960s.
Brockman 009 Frank Brockman, son-in-law of Gordon Bettles, at his home in Bishop, California, 1980s.
Brockman 010 Former Beatty, Nevada, residents Frank Brockman and Edith Bettles Brockman, 1980s.
Brockman 011 Frank Brockman, former Beatty, Nevada, resident, in the 1980s.